How to create a local campaign

Become a guardian of our waterways by creating a local campaign for Clear Access Clear Water. We need you to spread the word. Together we can make more of an impact than on our own.

Working together, whether that be with a paddling club or centre, social group, MPs, local councillors, or decision makers, we can make a difference. Help us build a brighter future for paddlers and waterways in England.

Tips for creating a local campaign

Firstly, get some help from us and sign up to become a Campaigner. You’ll receive regular updates and resources to help you campaign effectively.

Secondly, a local campaign is about talking to people about why access to your local waterway is important to YOU. This is key. How would not accessing your river or lake impact you? Do you walk and relax there or go paddling there? Talk about the importance to you of not being able to access that space.

Download our Toolkit here. Contains fact sheet, poster, and powerpoint presentation.

Once you’ve found your message and your voice, engage people in conversation and talk. Here’s some ideas to get you started about how and where you can talk:

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