Water Quality

Waterways provide opportunities for millions of people to be active and unwind, to relax and play, but sadly they are being used to discharge raw sewage. With a growing population, more extreme weather events, increasing urbanisation and a lack of investment our sewage systems are increasingly unable to cope. In 2020 alone, raw sewage was discharged into UK Rivers over 400,000 times, threatening the health of those who love to paddle and swim as well as having a devastating impact on the natural environment reducing biodiversity and damaging delicate ecosystems. Our Ambition: We want coastal and inland waters free from sewage pollution, rich in wildlife for all to enjoy the benefits of being connected with nature. Find out what we are asking for by viewing our ‘Water Quality British Canoeing Asks’ document. Click here to view.

What are we doing about it?

Working closely with the #EndSewagePollution Coalition to align policy and agree collective actions. You can learn more by clicking here. Influencing future water sector policy by responding to Defra & Ofwat consultations. Click here to see our response to Ofwat’s consultation on their framework for the 2024 price review period (PR24). Engaging with the Environmental Audit Committee review on water quality and sewage pollution. Here’s a couple of examples of how we’ve engaged: Engaging directly with water companies to influence their AMP 8 priorities.

How can I help support better water quality?

Really easily! We ask that you continue to contact your MP and explain why sewage free blue spaces are important for you and demand action is taken to ensure water companies stop discharging untreated sewage into the places we love to paddle.

Environment Bill (Update September 2021)

On Monday 13th September the Environment Bill was passed in the House of Lords including Amendment 60 proposed by the Duke of Wellington which will place a Duty on sewerage undertakers to take all reasonable steps to ensure untreated sewage is not discharged from storm overflows, and that sewerage undertakers must demonstrate improvements in the sewerage systems, along with progressive reductions in the harm caused by untreated sewage discharges. It will also require the Environment Agency to exercise their powers to secure compliance with this duty. British Canoeing has been working with the #EndSewagePollutionCoalition campaigning for the amendments to bring an end to raw sewage being discharged into England’s inland and coastal waters. Chantelle Grundy Access and Environment Officer at British Canoeing said ‘It’s fantastic to see the amendment put forward to end untreated sewage pollution in our rivers and coastal waters receiving huge public and political support. It is essential that the practice of discharging untreated sewage pollution in our rivers and coastal waters which threatens the health of recreational users as well as harming our precious natural environment ends.’ The Bill will now return to the House of Commons for consideration before Royal Assent in November. Take Action: Write to your MP and tell the why clean waters are important for you to ensure there is sufficient support for the amendments to be approved in the House of Commons. Full details here: https://votes.parliament.uk/Votes/Lords/Division/2576

The Sewage (Inland Waters) Bill Environment Bill

The Bill has now unfortunately run out of time in the current parliamentary session to be made into law, however we can all continue to champion the case for some of the key asks: With support from over 130 MP’s for the Bill, the government and the industry has faced growing pressure to take action to end sewage pollution and we have started to see positive steps being taken: Thanks for your hard work campaigning on this issue, let’s continue to take action and ensure the future of our blue spaces is sewage free.
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